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Things To Know

Hammer Associates Education Center

Hammer Associates cares about its community and people. That is why we continue to educate and provide knowledge about insurance and information that is important to you and your family. Peridically, we update this section with links, knowledgebase information, videos and other pertinent information to help guide you with the proper information abour insurance and financial strategy. Please check back for updates or contact our office to speak to an experienced agent about your needs.

Things to Know: In Case of an Accident

"Thing to Know" video series. In this video, Mike will walk you through the steps of what to do if you ever get into a car accident.
Things to Know: Personal Property Coverage

Welcome to the first installment of the Things to Know series. We will continue to expand this knowledge base of information from Hammer Associates about insurance-related questions.

Things to Know: Uninsured Motors Coverage

Mike's advice on Uninsured Motor's Policy


Things to Know: About Our Concierge

Finding the best service providers can be hard. That's why we want to share our Concierge Program with you.